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LSVT-BIG may be helpful in reducing motor symptoms of PD

In an article published in the Movement Disorders journal, Ebersbach et al. (2010) suggested that the LSVT-BIG program may be effective in reducing motor symptoms of Parkinson disease. LSVT-BIG was developed as a motor component to the LSVT-LOUD program, which was created by Lee Silverman. The LSVT programs are designed specifically for people with Parkinson disease and aim to increase vocal loudness (LSVT-LOUD) and limb movement (LSVT-BIG). The LSVT protocol is taught to clients under the direction of LSVT certified speech, physical, or occupational therapists. You can view the article discussing the benefits of LSVT-BIG here. If you would like more information about LSVT and/or would like to find a certified instructor, you can visit

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