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Gammon Earhart, PhD: Reviving Freedom of Movement with Tango

Earhart_main Washington University in St. Louis published this story about Parkinson’s researcher, Gammon Earhart, PhD.  The story talks about her journey towards researching the effects of Tango dancing on Parkinson’s symptoms.

“It is rewarding to know that people are directly benefiting from participating in the exercise interventions we offer and wonderful to hear participants’ stories relating how involvement in our research has enhanced their quality of life.” – Gammon Earhart, PhD

Read the full story here.

Pictured in the photo: Gammon Earhart (black pants) dances the tango with Stephen Berra, a patient with Parkinson’s disease. On the left are Parkinson’s patient Don Burr and his wife, Karen Burr. Earhart’s research demonstrates the benefits of tango dancing on patients with Parkinson’s.

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