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Be ActiveParkinson Disease Handbook


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#5 - Hospitalization of a Parkinson Patient#7 - Oral Health Care & Parkinson's Disease#8 - The Family Unit & Parkinson's Disease#16 - When Should PD Patients Go to the Emergency Room#17 - Vision Problems & PD#20 - Fatigue in Parkinson's Disease#22 - Depression & Parkinson Disease#24 - Employment & Parkinson's Disease#25 - Constipation & Parkinson's Disease26 What is Dysphagia27 Cognitive Changes in Parkinson Disease34 Helpful Hints to Improve the Quality of Life of People with PDImportance Of Having A WillMedications Approved For The Treatment Of Parkinson’s DiseaseMedications To Avoid For The Treatment Of Parkinson’s DiseaseLiving Well with Parkinson Disease


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A Collection of Helpful Hints - $5.00


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PEP Meetings The APDA relies on donations from our supporters in order to film, reproduce and send out recordings of our programs. While we offer these DVDs at no cost, we request that, if you are able, you consider a small donation to our organization to help off-set the cost.
Ask the Doctor: A Q&A Session with Dr. Perlmutter (2016)- Joel S. Perlmutter, MDFamily Matters- A Family Conference (2016) - Dr. Paul ShortTools in the Toolbox: A Panel Discussion Comparing Two Parkinson Disease Treatment- Duopa and Deep Brain Stimulation (2016) - Drs. Scott Norris, Mwiza Ushe and Brent WrightFireside Chat: A Q&A Session with Dr. Perlmutter (2015) - Joel S. Perlmutter, MDManaging Parkinson Disease- Living Well with PD (2015) - Mohamed N. Hassan, MD, FRCP, M.Phil., PhDWhat's in the Parkinson Pipeline? The Good, The Bad and the Ugly! (2014) - Joel S. Perlmutter, MDFamily Conference (2014) - Dr. Paul Short, PhDLiving Well with Parkinson's: No Question is Taboo (2014) - Larry Elmer, MDDeep Brain Stimulation Panel of Experts (2014) - Brent Peterson, Pratap Chand, MD & Mwiza Ushe, MDWho Are You and What Have You Done to my Spouse/Caregiver? (2013) - Kevin Black, MDWhere We Are Now and Where Are We Going? (2012) - Joel S. Perlmutter, MDWhat's New, What Now, What's Next (2011) - J. William Langston, MD; Family Caregiving with Susan Imke, RN, MS; Coping Strategies with Pamela Quinn; and Q&A Session (4 discs)Inform, Enlighten & Enrich (2011) - Cognitive & Other Neuropsychiatric Features in Lewy Body Disorders with Jennifer G. Goldman, MD, MS; Caregiving with Gary Behrman, PhD, LCSW, M.Div.; and Adaptive Equipment with Amanda Lansbaum, MS, OTR/L (2 discs)Hope & Empowerment (2010) - Non Motor Aspects of PD with Larry Elmer, MD; Exercises with Jackie Russell and David Zid (2 discs)Move It! (2009) - Kevin Lockette, PTBrain & Behavior: Coping with PD (2009) - Joseph H. Friedman, MDNon Motor Aspects of PD (2009) - Larry Elmer, MDUse It or Lose It (2009) - Gammon Earhart, PhD, PT; Erin R. Foster, OTD, OTR/L; and Debbie Guyer, MA, CCC-SLPDelay the Disease: The Role Exercise Plays in PD (2008) - Lee Tempel, MD; David Zid, Cert. Fitness Instr.; and Jackie Russell, RN, BSN, CNORDeep Brain Stimulation (2008) - Samer Tabbal, MDCognitive Aspects of PD (2007) - Michelle Burack, MD, PhDFall Prevention (2006) - Gammon Earhart, PhD, PT

Dr. Joel Perlmutter - Research Updates
What's in the Parkinson Pipeline? The Good, The Bad and the Ugly! (2014)- Joel S. Perlmutter, MDWhy I Am Optimistic and Hopeful – Looking Forward (2013)How We Arrived Where We Are Today & Where We Are Headed Tomorrow (2012)How We Arrived and Where Are We Headed (2010)What’s New? (2009)What’s Shaking? (2008)What’s Hot and What’s Not (2007)

Other DVDs
Caring for a Nursing Home Resident with PDDelay the Disease- $25Fit ‘N FunThe Parkinson Journey


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Tulip Pin - $5.00 + $1.00 Shipping

About the PD Tulip (text by Sheryl Jedlinski)

Tulip Pin

A new tulip is popping up in gardens across the country. The tulip - a red flower with distinctive leaves shaped like the letters "p" and "d" - was designed by a young onset person with Parkinson's (PWP) from Washington state - Karen Painter.

The red tulip has been associated with Parkinson's awareness since 1980 when a Dutch horticulturalist who had PD developed a red and white tulip and named it "Dr. James Parkinson." More than 25 years later, however, there is no single recognized red tulip design.

When Jean Burns saw the tulip her new friend Karen had doodled on a napkin, she was "immediately struck by the unique and beautiful design. Of all the tulips I have seen used for PD awareness, this one stands apart from the rest."

Jean and Karen believe that Karen's tulip design can do for Parkinson's awareness what the pink ribbon has done for breast cancer. They hope that the established Parkinson's organizations will recognize this potential and use Karen's tulip emblem in their materials alongside their official logos.

"We have a dream that Karen's stylized tulip will become the symbol not for one Parkinson's organization or event, but for the Parkinson's community nationwide," Jean says. "It will serve as a reminder that we all must work together to find a cure for the millions of people living with Parkinson's disease."


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