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Music and PD

Can music provide positive results for people with Parkinson disease? The video below, which aired recently on PBS, describes the impact that music has on a group of people with a variety of diagnoses, including dementia and Parkinson disease. If you are interested in a joining a music group for people with Parkinson disease, feel […]

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MO Shared Care Tax Credit for 2014

Missouri Shared Care Tax Credit If you care for a person in your home, you might be eligible for a tax credit on your Missouri Income Tax Return.  This includes spouses taking care of a sick husband or wife; or children taking care of a disabled parent.  The Missouri Shared Care Tax Credit provides a […]

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LSVT-BIG may be helpful in reducing motor symptoms of PD

In an article published in the Movement Disorders journal, Ebersbach et al. (2010) suggested that the LSVT-BIG program may be effective in reducing motor symptoms of Parkinson disease. LSVT-BIG was developed as a motor component to the LSVT-LOUD program, which was created by Lee Silverman. The LSVT programs are designed specifically for people with Parkinson disease and aim to […]

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Levodopa Shows Slight Edge as Initial Treatment for Parkinsons

– Jun 10 2014 People who took levodopa (which is usually prescribed as Sinemet®) as their initial therapy after a Parkinson’s disease (PD) diagnosis reported, over the long term, slightly better mobility and quality of life than those who began treatment with other classes of PD drugs. The results from the largest clinical trial comparing these treatments, […]

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